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Sorry to bother, Ià'm not a "dev" when i try to "embed" the link,  it says that I need to register on ITCH  to access the game.Is there a way to only have the game screen ?

You are embedding the wrong link. This is what you should embed:

Thanks !

Last question, is there a way to choose your "side" ? I mean if I have 2 teams of 5 peoples, how do they get into the right team ?

You're welcome. The server automatically assigns the teams based on how many players are online. The only way you could control this is by joining the game one at a time, left, right, left, right, etc. (and ensuring no one leaves while players are still joining).


Thanks !

Hi ! it's very cool !

Is there a way to embed the game in a web page ?  (only the game ?)

Thanks !

Hey, thanks! The game is also hosted here:

You could embed that page in a frame or iframe if you wanted.

Yes ! Thanks !

But I would like to have only the game embed not the complete webpage

Sorry , i'm not a dev so it's kind of tricky for me =/

No worries, you're fine! That link I posted is the game only, so you should be able to embed it.

Cool I'll test and let you know


It was fun! I don't know if it is a bug or a feature, but the ball often goes right through the paddles.


A little bit of both? :P