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Nice Game 


Love the graphical update! Looks much cooler, and I appreciate the fact that it now conforms to the 64x64 grid :)

Thanks! Eh, it was always on the grid, just didn't make use of every pixel :P

Pretty cool stuff! Kinda reminds me of SSBB :-)

Thanks! :]

If you can up the resolution but keep the 64x64 grid, would be awesome.
I'd also recommend a start screen with game title.
Great idea, pushing each other works really good :)

Thanks for the feedback! A graphics update is planned and I'm considering a start screen as well!

We've got a (work in progress) title screen and a preview of the new graphics style. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Hey, are you playing on Firefox? I've noticed that for some reason the game doesn't scale up in Firefox. If that's what you were saying about the resolution, try Chrome or download the game for your OS. (Also, if anyone knows of a fix for this, please let me know!) Thanks!

I still didn't have a chance to play it again after deadline, I'll let you know :)