Team up with your unconscious mind to find your way out of a dream that trapped you in. Will you ever wake up?

A Game By Its Cover 2018 entry based on Sam Boucher's GOODNIGHT Famicase cart.

Art by Adam Bing, with tiles from Adam Saltsman's Monochrome Caves.

Find me on Twitter at @okaybenji.


"In this game, Zs catch you!" - Brian C.


Original soundtrack by Dreamreader.


Download 62 MB
Version 1 Mar 29, 2019
Download 77 MB
Version 1 Mar 30, 2019
Download 50 MB
Version 5 Mar 29, 2019

Development log


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Controls are pretty floaty. Otherwhise a cool little game.

Feel free to do a PR


Cute game!


Dude! This is a really nice little project. The aesthetic is consistent and beautiful in its own way! Difficulty is fair for a puzzle platformer and I had fun trying to complete the game!

Thanks very much! Super glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate the nice feedback. :)


Nice music, nice graphics. difficulty are not very well balanced.I needed to see in the comments 2 times how to do it.

The jump is tricky, but I enjoy playing it;

Thanks !

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.


very nice


Cool game man. Loved the idea behind the level 6. KUDOS.

Thanks very much!!

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I don't get how to get pass the second snake in the level where your guide tells you how to chill. Level 6.


Nevermind. I literally had to chill. LMAO


Finished it! Cool game!!


Thank you very much! :D


It's super fun!

Thanks so much!

do you have rom support like .nes emulation?

No, this game was written in JavaScript, so it would not be possible to run on an emulator. (You could run the soundtrack in an emulator with an NSF player if you wanted, though!)

stuck on level 1 screen on windows and browser

hey, happy to try to help with this. can you explain in more detail what stuck means?

the game doesn't move past the level 1 screen, music keeps playing. tried pressing all the buttons on keyboard and controller. window was in focus

when you say the level 1 screen, do you mean the title screen that says level 1 or level 1 itself? if it's the level itself, are the animations playing? (there should be sparkling stars, characters bouncing a little with idle animations, and a character talking to you explaining the controls.)

which browser are you using, and what version?

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Is this really MAC only (unless you want to play via website) or am I missing something?

Yes, that's correct. I don't have a PC to build the game on for that platform. The experience should be pretty much the same either way, though. The website version supports fullscreen, gamepad, etc.

There are multiple solutions for MACOS users to run Windows.
A Windows build is really necessary, Windows is the preferred platform of most users.


Feel free to build it for Windows. The game is open source.

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The controls are a little cluky and the game can at times require quite a lot of precision. And gets a little frustrating at times. But overall the game is well made and has very good animation and presentation. Not to big a fan of the music personally, mainly because the samples hurt my ears, but others may have diffrent opinions.


Way too hard, way too soon. First screen is so super easy. Then second screen is basically impossible. How do I jump up to the chain? Difficulty should ramp gradually.


You need to go to the left side of the screen to go to the pool on the right. Then, you go on those platforms to get to the chains.


This is really cool. The art sound design and animation all come together perfectly.


I loved it!! Thank you


I love the Z worm animation. Very chill game


Nice to see a 2D approach inspired by the same cart I chose :)