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Hitch-Hike is a first-person adventure game where you drive a car along a desert road, picking up travelers along the way & helping them to get where they're headed.

This is a work-in-progress.

Made for the 2021 A Game By Its Cover jam.

Concept art by Noli.

Concept art by Noli.

Based on the 2019 My Famicase Exhibition entry by Scott Polhemus & nomi.

Our Team

Noli, Po, LGM, Nomi & Benji


Scott Polhemus & nomi|Writer & Designer

It's summer break. You bought an old car for a cross-country drive back home. Along the way you'll come across hitch hikers -- some will benefit your journey, others may lead you to all kinds of "Game Over". Good luck, Samaritan.

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