text-engine 2: characters, conversations, save/load & more

text-engine has been updated to version 2.0, and it includes a ton of new features! A new demo has been uploaded to itch showing off what you can do, so be sure to try it out.

What's New

For writers & developers:

  • Characters
  • Conversations
  • Objects can have multiple names
  • Objects names can now include spaces & capital letters
  • New onLook, onTalk callbacks
  • New block property for blocked exits
  • Custom commands & removable commands
  • println accepts optional CSS class name
  • println accepts optional array to randomize output
  • Several new global utility functions
  • Engine functionality can be overridden for customization

For players:

  • Auto-complete (press tab)
  • Direction shortcuts (e.g. "north" or just "n")
  • Save/load games
  • ITEMS command lists items in room
  • When listing exits, show the names of any rooms the player has already been to
  • Various bug fixes & improvements

Also includes a new template disk to make creating a new disk quick and easy, and a couple of other example disks.

I hope you'll try it out!


text-engine-source.zip 2 MB
Dec 07, 2020

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